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Post  Doug on Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:03 pm

Got it this morning on my first try Smile.

It was actually much easier than I expected it would be, the ability to control a wide area is a huge asset in the first room, it could have been made for pet tanking and the wrathful off-set gear makes a huge difference from a threat perspective.


The tactic we used was to have the healer on top of the centerpiece, two corners were designated for cc and the remaining two were my responsibility:

Note that in this screenshot Kaissy had already died and was standing outside the instance, but you can sort of see the setup.

This worked fairly well but I couldn't keep everybody alive unfortunately especially during the very last wave when things go a bit hectic. A well placed explosive trap in one of the corners could be the solution to this but I wasn't sharp enough to get it down in time.

Even with one dps down though we often had to wait between waves so time was not an issue, it is just the last one or two waves that are the really tough to control:

The boss ended up been a drawn out three man affair, but nothing presented any problems, I was eventually pressing my cowers and shell shield just so they wouldn't feel neglected:

At this point things got dodgy: something glitched for Kaissy and she managed to die while outside the instance, meaning that she couldn't get back in, as a result we opted to wipe the second wave and replace, since Kai had to leave in any case.

Our new dps was Titankus, with him we did much the same strategy even though we were now short one cc. The first attempt at the second wave ended in a wipe though, again because of the start of the last set, I got GCD locked and couldn't distract the rogue off Merinna (our healer) in time.

Me and Jilea (my wife) had a bit off laugh at one point though because cc kept mysteriously breaking (largely through getting hit by people). For the second attempt at wave two she had nicely shackled a mob and was proceeding to dps when Titankus starts running towards it. All I heard was her going, very loudly: "No! You will NOT break the shackle!".

Titankus must have been little psychic because even though we weren't using Vent he promptly did a smart little turn on the spot away from said mob.

Second time was the charm though:

For the next boss I forgot to take a screen shot I am afraid Sad. Nothing much to report here except that when the ghosts spawn you have to have your MD ready, I didn't even see the little guys but TS managed to pick them up well enough in any case, that is until Titankus decided that a Bladestorm was in order...

Aside from that though there is nothing much to report on this boss, just tank and spank and have your MD-Volley ready to go.

Next was the gauntlet. We had opted for the chasing strategy by default, I was ready to go after Jaina but all the dps had clambered up the ledge already so I followed. One thing to note is that you must go around when coming back out: I managed to find the crevasse and had to jump my way out poste haste to pick up the first wave

Here again it might as well have been made for pet tanking, since the mobs don't arrive all at once, allowing you to get a couple of growls off before you absolutely HAVE to target swap. Between MD, Explosive and Distracting shot Chain heal the whole thing was over without any major drama:

Even so we had to make a dash for the finish and in doing so I nearly killed us at last moment with Aspect of the Pack, I didn't realise we would get hit by the Lich King. Of course I SHOULD have realised, but there you go. As it happened we literally squeezed through the rocks as they were coming down and everyone made it out alive:

And that was that Smile.

The team was, from Apple Dumpling Gang:
"George" (Dnysopheus' pet)
"Jilea" the Shadow Priest
"Rumak" the Ret Pally
and on heals, from our friends at Under One Roof - "Merinna" the Resto Shammy (Mer has one or two alts in our guild too).

...joining us from RnR was:
for the first boss "Kaissy" the Ret Pally
and for the rest "Titankus" the Arms Warrior


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Re: HHoR

Post  Durante on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:51 am

I'm quite impressed. I thought because of the extremely high level of difficulty of this instance, it would still be quite some time before someone was able to pull this off. Especially in the first section of the instance there's so many mobs to control, many of them are casters so gathering them all is very difficult, many of them hit very hard, and since it comes in waves you don't have the ability to wait until your abilities come off cooldown to get the next group. I thought we might see this in a couple months when people were draped in ICC and Wrathful gear, needing the additional threat and stamina this instance requires, but for it to be done now is a great achievement indeed.


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Re: HHoR

Post  Doug on Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:14 am

The waves actually makes it easier.

Tanks normally struggle because the mobs start out spaced well apart, which tends to neutralize their AoE tanking advantage. With a pet tank you can control a much larger area much more easily, you can MD one mob while your pet holds another on the other side of the room, give two or three growl's head start on a mob and no dps will pull off him before the mob keels over. Add in a bit of cc and you are golden.

Having said that, you need a group that can hold a mob or two for a bit as well.

As far as survivability goes, I didn't see the heals really struggling at all except at the very end of each wave when things get a bit chaotic, but this is why I still prefer a turtle over any other tank, Shell Shield is an enormous help in those situations. If we had attempted the LoS strategy things may have been a bit harder, but that approach doesn't suit pets anyway I would imagine. It would be interesting to see what happens if you do it that way though. One thing I did do was spec out of taunt and into 2/2 Silverback, I have come to see Distracting exactly as was suggested (by Bear Behind) i.e. as a taunt in itself, no need to use the clunky and sometimes unresponsive pet taunt at all.

The thing is about the casters though: they are easier to cc than the melee mobs. One trick that I find works nicely though, when you have a large enough threat lead on one mob, charge at the next cc'd one. That way the dps can finish off at their leisure and you can get a bit of a head start on the next.


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