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Tanking In 4.0.3a

Post  Kurasu on Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:52 am

I've been giving some things a try, and I am really quite impressed with what I'm seeing. With pets now being naturally crit-immune through talents, we are able to focus on actual damage mitigation in our armor, rather than crit mitigation. In addition, while in heroics, I need to remember to turn Growl off my pets (which I sometimes forget to do, yes). This is because I have been known to pull aggro off the tank. Let me repeat that: my pets have been pulling aggro off the tank. Threat generation is really amazingly high, making it fairly easy to keep threat if the group isn't doing their best to try and pull it off you.

All in all, while I've yet to do anything bigger than heroics, I can say that tanking is looking almost scarily good for BM hunters in this patch. Here's hoping for a lack of nerfs!

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