Nike air shoes, the magnificent beginning

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Nike air shoes, the magnificent beginning Empty Nike air shoes, the magnificent beginning

Post  andy on Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:23 am

In spring of 1985, thousands of American TV audience saw the advertisement in which a basketball rolled towards another side of the playground, a handsome guy waiting there rolled the ball into his palm by his foot wearing colorful new air shoes. Then he started moving with the cheap air maxes, at the same time, the noisy sound of an engine appeared and became louder and louder. Unbelievably, the young fellow soared into the sky with a 10-second “walking in the clouds”.

The mysterious guy is the famous NBA superstar-Michael Jordon, and the sports shoes he wore was the distinguished brand Nike air shoes.I believe that almost nobody don’t know the brand Nike, but I’m afraid that somebody really don’t know the man called Phil Knight who was the founder of Nike. Michael Jordon ever said that Phil Knight made him a fantastic man.

Knight was born in 1938, he liked doing sports. He was familiar to sports brand like Adidas, he was enterprising as well as talented. Then he built up his own sports brand Nike which is light and powerful, of little friction and strong stability, extraordinary comfort and better protection for feet. Now Nike air shoes has won its reputation all over the world, including various categories, such as cheap air griffey max 1, cheap air maxes 90, new air maxes 2011,etc.


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