Cata pet tank specs!

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Cata pet tank specs! Empty Cata pet tank specs!

Post  Parbear on Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:53 am

Alright, with Cataclysm now being a week in, it's obviously a great time to start thinking about just how we can best tank this new content!

Currently I'm considering a build like this:
(I apologize for how it's entered, wowhead doesn't seem to want to allow me to link builds atm)

Beast Master - 31/7/3


Improved Kill Command - 2
One With Nature - 3 (2 if going for Improved Mend rank 2)
Beastial Discipline - 3
Spirit Bond - 2
Frenzy - 3
Improved Mend Pet - 1 (2 if you prefer the 50% chance)
Cobra Strikes - 3
Fervor - 1
Longevity - 3
Killing Streak - 2
Beastial Wrath - 1
Ferocious Inspiration - 1
Kindred Spirits - 2
The Beast Within - 1
Invigoration - 2
Beast Mastery - 1


Go For the Throat - 2
Careful Aim - 3
Sic 'Em - 2


Hunter Vs. Wild - 3

BM seems to me the obvious choice for pet tanking due to its reliance on Kill Command and similar buffs to both it and the pet's damage. Also the Mastery will further increase pet damage, boosting threat.

For Pet spec? Obviously Tenacity for tanking so I'll put my 2 cents in on certain talents. Taking in mind the changes to healing in cata I tried to emphasize a little more on self-sustaining hunter tanking to take some of the pressure off the healer. Part of this to me means a mitigation pet (Turtle OR Beetle.) While there are still aoe trash pulls and bosses with adds, add phases can normally be burned pretty quick from my little experience so far. Trash pulls can be managed through proper CC or liberal use of misdirect and aggro management by DPS. Onto the Build!

Tenacity Pet

Great Stamina - 3
Natural Armor - 2
Spiked Collar - 3
Blood of the Rhino - 2
Pet Barding - 2
Guard Dog - 2
Thunderstomp - 1
Last Stand - 1
Taunt - 1
Grace of the Mantis - 2
Silverback - 2

This will probably be my starting pet tanking build in Cata. I went with Silverback over movement talents in order to allow my pet just a little bit more self healing as opposed to movement bonuses. Also considering tenacity pet HP in dps gear is at/near 100k, 2k heals every 3 seconds in addition to Mend should be a quite welcome thing in healer's eyes. Anyone who can seem to get a talent calculator to link both builds properly would be appreciated.

Anyway, dissect, discuss, theorize!


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Cata pet tank specs! Empty control and magical pocket watch movement in the cover 11 ex

Post  vlvin on Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:46 pm

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