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Forum Guidelines (and Sticky Guidelines) Empty Forum Guidelines (and Sticky Guidelines)

Post  Ihlos on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:37 pm

It is my desire that this community will a positive place where we can discuss tenacity pets in a civilised and productive manner. As such, please observe the following guidelines when posting here at BRR Forums.

- Debate is welcome, but please treat everyone here with respect. Don't attack, deride, or insult others.
- Racism and intolerance will not be tolerated.
- Please keep your language reasonably tame by today's standards. An occasional minor expletive is not a problem (damnit!), but please avoid excessive or obscene language.
- Keep posts as positive and polite as possible.
- I may move, close, or delete discussions or posts that are misplaced, generally inappropriate, or in vioation of these guidelines.

I will be applying the sticky tag to posts that give alot of solid, foundational knowledge in a clear concise method. Already there are a good amount of posts and it will be tough for me to read all of them as they are posted, but I will make an effort to read them all.

Also, we cant have 20 sticky topics in each forum, so I may end up making meta sticky topics, merging the guides and summing up the points of the threads, and un-stickying the threads themselves.

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